Health Benefits of Yoga

Practicing yoga started way back more than 5,000 years ago. Today there are millions of people are practicing and enjoying yoga around the world.

Yoga is a physical exercise that includes physical poses, breathing techniques, and meditation techniques. Yoga was designed to enhance once strength, flexibility, and balance. The primary goal of yoga is to create a balance between mind, body, and spirit.

Health Benefits of Yoga

  • Yoga can help you boost your self-confidence. Yoga can help you have a better understanding of your self including your capabilities and potentials. Being aware of what you are and what you can become boosts your self- esteem and self- trust.
  • Practicing Yoga is an effective way of enhancing the lubrication among your joints, tendons, and ligaments that are not usually utilized in your daily routine or other forms of physical activities.
  • Unlike any other forms of exercises, in practicing yoga you will be able to utilize all parts of your body including your internal organs. There are postures in Yoga that was developed to massage internal organs of your body.
  • Since practicing Yoga lets you to use all parts of your body, you are protecting yourself against diseases like back pain, arthritis, and digestive disorders.
  • Yoga is also an effective way to flush out the impurities or toxins from our blood and it also helps to improve blood flow.
  • Many people practicing Yoga said that they have a more mindful eating. Because Yoga also develops self- discipline, they are more encouraged to watch their diet.
  • Yoga can take away the stress of our busy lifestyle. Yoga is a relaxing activity, it clears your mind and body from ‘negative energies’ you got from your stressful work. Many Yoga practitioners said that they had a better sleep after they engaged in Yoga.

Yoga may seem very safe, however, you may get injured if you fail to execute the posture correctly. Yoga may lead to injuries because of overstretching your neck, shoulders, legs, and knees. Major injuries have been recorded including severe osteoporosis, inconsistent blood pressure, and ear problems.

To avoid accidents, precautions must be observed. Do not try learning Yoga all by yourself. Yoga involves many complex positions so it would be better if you ask an expert to teach and assist you.

Acknowledge your limits. Do not force yourself to do complex or advance positions if you feel that your body cannot stand it. For beginners, it is recommended that you start from the basic training. Learn the techniques in proper breathing and maintaining balance.

Wear appropriate clothing. Since Yoga is a relaxing activity, wear comfortable clothes that will allow you to move freely. Yoga is best practiced barefooted so the muscles in your feet will be utilized.

Also, do not forget to warm up before the session. You may get injured if you miss to warm up before your session starts.

Just like any other physical activities, water is very important so you should drink a lot of water to stay hydrated especially if you are practicing ‘hot’ yoga. So if you do yoga behind your Tulsa garage door make sure to be well hydrated.

For pregnant women who want to practice Yoga, ask first your doctor of what level is safe for you and for your baby.