Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Changing is healing.

In the veil of the dark
you arise pure,
in the senses of longing
hides the truth,
stars in the eyes,
teardrops of the light,
flying eye mind,
dancing as memory,
 I always look up
so I can reach you, 
I dive deep at night
so I can see you,
bird of impossible.

I want to share some inspiration on small changes that you may apply 
to your daily routine if you liked the idea of embracing change...
I know it can be hard to do many at the same time, in fact, this will 
make you fail so set little goals for the week until you have added 
great new habits, even if you keep only one, this means that you are
 adding to your life and this will make you feel great I promise! 
Please feel free to share your own ideas in the comments or 
email me so we can try them too!


Try a new flavor, something you never had before, this can be exiting!
I went to a new place and tried original recipes of beverages
 from the ancient aztecs!  Omg, they were very interesting and delicious
and loved the idea of this place recovering ancient recipes for us to try!
I tried a very simple drink of Mexican cocoa, (Xocolatl) ground corn and sugar, it´s
served cold in these very simple cups made of wood.  
This was changed for the traditional tea for me or cappuccino. 

They also have exiting new chocolates mixed with Mexican flavors as
jamaica flowers, tamarindos, chile, chamoy, mango, etc, 
you can find them online here. New flavors can be challenging for some
so it´s a good way to implement a small change.

Get up at a different time, for that you will have to go to bead in a different 
time as well, sleeping eight hours will keep you young, for me it´s a discipline
that can´t skip and It´s my beauty secret and lot´s of water. No fancy creams!

Try serving yourself in a loving way, present it as if it is for 
someone you adore,  don´t just peel the banana
and eat it, show your self how much you are to your self!

Learn something new! My art sister Annie Hamman has created a new
Online art workshop so you can learn new skills and ways to make art,
learning others approach to art can be a great way to add to your creativity!
Check her site here...

Go to a new place, try a different sport, maybe this is the first time you
try one, go for a walk in a beautiful inspiring place, set a goal, repeat
often for achieving results, learn about how to get started online,
here are a few links for beginners in jogging, yoga, cycling, etc.

Change is expanding consciousness. 
That should be our greatest purpose in life.

Change is healing because in letting go 
we can become new.